Available Art

Had a few unsold pieces from my show at Screen Ink Gallery. I thought I’d post them here – in case you are interested in picking something up. These are all watercolor and ink on cold pressed archival watercolor paper: Bike Goon  $75 – 12×12 framed in glass pinch frame Red Bear $45 – 8×10 […]

Two Dollar Hotdog – LIVE

“Every now and then you come across a song that you feel may change your life, or maybe the world.” I wrote that sentence in a post on February 7th of this year (link to post) about $2 Dollar Hotdog $1 Water – a song that I had grown fond of due to the amazing […]

Darn those socks!

All puns aside- your socks look pretty haggard. They look like a used tire. They are discolored and worn, they have achieved a state of semi-transparency like that of lace. They probably stink a bit, but I can’t tell from here. What I can tell you is that your poor tired feet would be much […]

The Big Announcement

“Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking things, bite the bullet, and figure it out as you go.” – Tim Ferriss I’m quitting my job to pursue art full time. I will (once again) be quitting a full-time job to pursue a new challenge – this time as a full-time artist. Art, design, illustration and direction […]